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This page contains some true life stories from people in the church. 

They share what being a Christian means to them.

They tell of changed lives, of healing, and of the reality of God's presence with them in the hum-drum of everyday life.


The stories so far


Dawn's new Christmas

From broken home to love and peace, Dawn tells a story of God's all embracing love.


From the Cradle to...

Pat was a 'Cradle Catholic' but she went from the cradle to a dynamic new life with Jesus.


Bombs and Miracles

As TV brings the wars and conflicts around the world into our living rooms the remoteness of it all can leave us largely untouched. For Edie, however, war was all too real, and had a profound physical, mental, and spiritual effect upon her life.


'60' and amazed!

Sometimes it seems that life is to be lived at a hectic pace with the emphasis on living for the moment, but God is at work throughout the whole of our earthly lives and beyond into eternity, as Brenda found out in some of the difficult periods in her life.


'I'll give it a try'

Don and Jenny Hobbs became Christians in their fifties. Here Jenny tells their story.


"I'm bored!"

What do you do as a 17 year old, already bored with life?


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