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'Why become a Christian?'

Obviously there are personal benefits to becoming a Christian, forgiveness and eternal life for starters, but we recognise that God's purpose is to have a people who are a witness to him in this dark, evil world. A people who, as they respond to Jesus as Lord of their lives, shine as a light and demonstrate to others what it's like living in God's Kingdom - 'Heaven on Earth'.

We recognise, therefore, that our salvation hasn't just opened the door to some kind of 'bless-me club', but that 'heaven on earth' is something to both enjoy and give away.

God wants us to be serving him and demonstrating his life to others.

To this end we break down our vision statement into three specific purposes for which this church exists here in Southgate:

1: That we be a caring church - reaching out to others.

We encourage everyone to find and develop their gifts and calling in God, as we care for and support each other and reach out into the community. 

2: That we be a maturing church - growing and becoming like Jesus.

We encourage everyone to take responsibility for the their Christian life, aiming for wholeness of body, mind and spirit. We seek to respond to the Word of God and the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit so that we become more like Jesus in our individual lives, growing in the grace and knowledge of him.

3: That we be a growing and sending church - bringing in the lost.

We desire to share Jesus with others in both word and deed, of which signs and wonders in the name of Jesus form a part. We work with other local churches and regularly support missions.


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