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SCF Priorities


Making the Vision work

We exist as a church here in Southgate to be a caring, maturing, and growing/sending church.

Here are thirteen specific priorities that we believe will help us achieve this (they're not in any particular order):

We want to be:

1: A church that is powerful in prayer, and where powerful prayer together is recognised as a priority.

2: A church where the Bible is consistently taught, received as the Word of God, and where we are applying its message to our lives, allowing it to change our lives, make us whole, and stimulate and equip us to serve God.

3: A church where, as individuals, we are developing our own individual devotional life and relationship with God through regular personal prayer and Bible study.

4: A church where there is freedom and active participation in worship.

5: A church that is actively involved in evangelism, and where each of us are regularly attempting to win others for Christ.

6: A church where a servant heart is in evidence amongst the leaders and people.

7: A church where each of us are developing and using our God given abilities and gifts in order to serve others in both spiritual and practical ways. Serving one another through love in action.

8: A church that is involved in missionary work, both at home and abroad.

9: A church where the members tithe their income regularly to the church.

10: A church where, through regular fellowship and interaction, good healthy relationships and friendships are developing and where people are being cared for.

11: A church where the members are developing a distinctive life-style that demonstrates the life and character of Jesus to the world - Heaven on earth!

12: A church which has an involvement in the social service of the local community, serving through natural means like the 'Good Samaritan', and in the power of the Holy Spirit through supernatural 'signs and wonders'.

13: A church that is actively working for social justice, at both a local and national level, striving to make changes in society that will make for a more moral and just society.


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