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No God?

There are many that say there is no God. You may be one of them.

People say…

"What we see is what we’ve got".

"We live in a purely material world, and when the end comes that’s it, and you just hope you’ve left something good behind for the next generation".


That's it?

How do you find life lived that way?

Does it really satisfy?

Can you really say with your closing breath "I'm totally fulfilled"?

But what if death isn't the end?


No God - No Life!

Know God - Know Life!

On the other hand, there are those that believe there is a God and say…

Do you know that you can know God -

personally -

as a friend -

as someone who loves you -

as someone who offers you forgiveness, and freedom from guilt and fear -

as someone who offers you real life - life that lasts beyond death in this present world?

How can one know God in this way?

Well, you can't really know someone until you meet them.

But, how can you meet God?

You can meet God through his Son Jesus Christ


Jesus said:

"I am the Way (to God), the Truth (about God), and the Life (of God), no one can come to God except by me" (John 14:6).


Can this be true?

In this age of no absolutes and a multi-faith agenda, can one man claim to have all the answers? For Jesus to say this he must either be mad, deceived - or it is true.

Christians know it's true.

If you want to know God - as your friend, as someone who loves you -

then get to know Jesus right now...


Jesus said:

"The devil comes only to steal, kill, and destroy (your life). I (Jesus) have come in order that you might have life, life in all its fullness" (John 10:10).


The Bible says:

"God loves you so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have everlasting life.

For God did not send his Son into the world to be its judge, but to be its Saviour.

Whoever believes in the Son (Jesus) is not judged; but whoever does not believe has already been judged, because he has not believed in God's only Son.

For sin pays its wage - death; but God's free gift is LIFE for ever in union with Christ Jesus our Lord" (John 3:16-18; Romans 6:23).


The Bible makes it clear that God loves you and sent his Son Jesus to prove it.

Jesus not only lived a life that showed us what God is like, but through his death and resurrection he has made a way for you to have a life changing encounter with God – to know God personally.


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This message comes to you from the members of the Southgate Christian Fellowship. The SCF is a Christian Church meeting in North London whose members come from a variety of different backgrounds, but whose lives have been changed through meeting Jesus.

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