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 The Message Centre is made up of short sermons and articles, all with a view to encouraging the practical outworking of the Christian life. They’re not in any particular order, though some are bunched together under a common theme.


Their purpose is to challenge, stimulate, and encourage us as we seek to live for Jesus.


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Thus far the titles are as follows:


New Year Message
January 2010


 Easter Themes

Sin and the cross

A Silly Ass!
Reflections on Palm Sunday

Jesus Is Alive!
As proved by the Scriptures



People of Faith

If Only I Had More Faith

God's Faithfulness


Perseverance v Rest

Well Done Connie!

Rest or Fatigue?

God went on Holiday



Getting along Nicely


What! He’s My Neighbour?


The Blessings of God

Enjoying God

We Can Do It
Some Thoughts on 2Chronicles 20


The Christian Life

Well It’s Better than Duty

Rightly Focussed
Danger! The Enemy at Work

5000 to 12 in 70 Verses
The Flesh v The Spirit In Our Lives


We are adding to this list.
Keep coming back to see the new titles.

Also, see the 'What About?' series for articles of importance to Christians


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