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'Churches UK'

Evangelical Alliance

Ichthus Christian Fellowship


To find out more about the mission organisations we support please visit...

Cross Fire Trust


David Chaudhary Ministries

 Also, to see what some of our members are involved in please visit...

Enfield Street Pastors 

To find out more about Christianity please visit...

SCF Have Faith in God

also visit...

The Alpha Course is a well known introduction to the Christian Faith. 

Acts International has a large site including sections on finding God.           

Re Jesus has testimonies and articles about Jesus and the Christian faith.

The Christian Enquiry Agency provides information about Jesus Christ and the Christian faith.             

Who is Isa al Masih? The man in white. A site of interest to Muslims.

Who is Jesus? 1. Is he Lord, liar or lunatic? Is he God? Is he the Saviour?    

Who is Jesus? 2. Is he Lord, liar or lunatic? Is he God? Is he the Saviour?    

Christian Answers is a site that has answers to many questions about Christianity, the Bible, the Bible’s credibility, etc.


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