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Welcome to this part of the Southgate Christian Fellowship Website


Are you…

Looking for God?

Searching for meaning to life?
Want to explore whether Christianity is relevant to you?


Here are some short articles and some suggested sites that we trust will open a few doors in your search for God, and whet your appetite for more.

Though the articles are short and don't claim to reach any intellectual heights, we trust they will help you on the road to finding God through Jesus Christ.

To find out what knowing God has done for the lives of other people have a look at some True Stories.

Also: at the foot of this page there are some links that you may find helpful.


Current titles are:

Rich, famous, and happy?

No God?

What do you think you're worth?

Remember Christmas?

The Ultimate Question

Why Christmas?

Save the Woodlice!

Steps to Finding God

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