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 Don & Jenny Hobbs

'I'll give it a try'

Don and Jenny Hobbs became Christians in their fifties. Here Jenny tells their story�

We had been married for twenty-three years. We had two sons and a daughter, and a nice comfortable home. We saw no need for God and thought we had everything we needed. We were very happy with our life together.

Then one day my life changed when my sister invited me to a service at the Southgate Christian Fellowship. The people there were praising God and seemed to have something special - they seemed to have an inner light that shone out, their faces seemed to be alight. That evening I realised I needed God and gave my life to him, asking Jesus to come into my life.

My husband Don didn't believe in God and could see no need for God in his life. However, he saw the change in me and six weeks later he said he'd �give it a try�, and asked Jesus to come into his life.

Since then we have seen many prayers answered and have found a new happiness and fulfilment in our lives.

Although we had enjoyed a good life together before we met Jesus, it's a hundred times better now and getting better as we go on each day with God.

Maybe you are like we used to be and can see no particular need for God in your life. But we both agree that becoming Christians is the best thing that's ever happened to us.


You can contact Don & Jenny by e.mail.

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