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Dawn Such

Dawn's new Christmas

Coming as I did from a broken home, and with some of my childhood years spent in care, Christmas for me is now something special because, since I became a Christian, I’ve found for the first time what real love is.

I had grown up feeling totally unloved and not able to give love to others, so it’s not surprising that my first marriage ended in divorce.

However, one day a few years ago, at a time when I was feeling particularly depressed and unhappy, I started reading the Bible. I can’t think why I did this except that I seemed to be looking for something without really knowing what it was.

But as I read the Bible I prayed to God, asking him to help me - and he did. Some verses from the Bible really spoke to me, and eventually I realised that I needed to give my life to Jesus and accept God’s forgiveness and love. I then started going to church at the Southgate Christian Fellowship, and they were able to help me understand what God had been doing in my life.

The change all this has made is beyond words. I used to feel so unloved and rejected, unable to love others and hating myself and those around me.

God has wonderfully set me free from all these negative feelings. Now I feel secure and at peace, knowing God’s love in my life. I’m able to love others, especially my family, and receive their love in return.

Christmas for me is now something special because, not only do I now know I can enjoy myself without getting drunk, but, more especially, when I look at a picture of the baby Jesus it reminds me just how much God loves me, and that this same Jesus was prepared to die for me on the cross to forgive my selfishness and give me a new life - thank you Jesus!

God Bless you. Dawn.


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