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SCF Who We Are

In the light of our recent changes, the following is left as some thoughts about 'Church'.

The Southgate Christian Fellowship is a local Christian Church that has been meeting in the area of Southgate since the early seventies.

We are...

People not a building

"The Church" is sometimes seen as a building down the street that people only visit for weddings and funerals, but the Southgate Christian Fellowship is people. Our church is not a building, it is a community. It is a group of Christians who meet in Southgate committed to following Jesus and sharing him with others.

A non denominational, evangelical & charismatic church

A bit of a mouthful, but...

We are non-denominational but we work with other local churches. We are a member church of the Evangelical Alliance which represents Bible believing churches of every denomination throughout the UK. We are a Link Church of Ichthus Christian Fellowship. We are a member of Churches Together in Southgate, Oakwood & Cockfosters.

We are an Evangelical Church, and as such we believe that the Bible is the Word of God for every generation, and our faith is rooted in its teachings. We believe Jesus Christ is the only way to God. We believe that each person needs to personally turn to God in repentance and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, receiving him as their Saviour and Lord, if they are to receive eternal salvation and be born again into God's Kingdom.

We are a Charismatic Church which means we believe in the need for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Along with all the other aspects of the Holy Spirit's ministry, we expect the current working of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit through individual believers, giving power for ministry and witness, and as signs to confirm the truth of the Gospel to those who do not yet believe.

Committed to being a vibrant and radical Christian church

We enjoy being Christians, and though we come from a wide variety of back-grounds and cover a large age range, we all have one thing in common - we have been ‘born again’ into the family of God through a personal, life-changing faith in Jesus Christ.

We have his peace in our hearts; we know his love binding us together as a church family; the Holy Spirit filling our lives, leading our worship and empowering us to serve God in his church and the community.

We believe that the Bible is God's Word for every generation, and our faith is rooted in its teachings. Check-out our Vision and Statement of Faith.

Part of God's Church in North London

As a local church we are part of God's Church in this area of North London, and we work with other local churches in seeking to see God's Kingdom established in the lives of people in this community and elsewhere.

We regularly support Missions.


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